Monday, April 9, 2012

Aquariums, home comings & Giveaways

So this week I was sick—still am.  Every week it’s something huh?  Ugh, I swear I’m the worst blogger EVER!  But anyhoo, I don’t have any looks for this post because I’ve been feeling under the weather, but I do have a few exciting updates about my life & some info about a giveaway that Victorian Disco Cosmetics is having that you guys may be interested in. 
          First off, I will be graduating this summer—FINALLY after 5 long years.  I’m super excited but also super stressed about what’s to come.  People keep saying I have time, but how long can you say that ‘til you run out?  Lol.    I’d like to work as an environmental conservationist, but I can’t afford grad school right now, so I’ve decided to try & take some small steps toward my future.  I applied for a volunteer position at the NY Aquarium in Coney Island last month & this past weekend—despite my illness—I had an interview for the position & now I’m just a few applications away from beginning!  Yippie!  It won’t be anything glorious just things like cleaning tanks & feeding the fishes, but I’m really excited anyway. 
Here a few pics I managed to take with my phone while Frank was giving me a tour.  I just love aquariums & zoos<3

Moon Jellies <3

Next even more exciting event coming up is my boyfriend’s home coming.  We’ve been together for four years, & for half that time he’s been away training as a Marine.  In November he left for his first tour in Afghanistan, but he’s been back on his base in the states for about a week & he will be arriving in New York on Friday & I can’t wait!  I won’t get all mushy ‘cause it’s not my style, but I love him soOo much & I’m just so happy his first tour was shortened & that he & is team are home safe.  The first thing we’re doing is going to see Hunger Games because I made a promise that I’d wait to see it with him & it’s been killing me!!!

OK, on to the makeup giveaway.  Victorian Disco Cosmetics has launched a new site & to celebrate, Ashley is hosting a giveaway.  All you have to do is go to VD’s blog post to enter.  It’s super easy to do, but even if you don’t win, you should definitely think about purchasing some products.  I did last week & I love them!
          Sorry this wasn’t the most exciting post, but hopefully I’ll recover enough to share some new looks with you guys, & my new hair cut.  Until next time, thanks for reading!

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