About Me

I'm Alexis, a 23 year old recent college grad with a burning passion for cosmetic art.  I love learning new techniques & styles & I love sharing my looks with other beauty enthusiasts.  I named my blog "Smokin' Colour" simply because when I started experimenting with makeup, it was all about a smokey eye for me; I wore them for everything.  As I've grown over the past few years I've become a lot bolder & more confident & have started experimenting in the realm of bold, bright colours.  

My blog still is new & I would love to hear feedback on both my looks & my blog itself; there is always room to improve!  I know there are a gazillion blogs out there that you can subscribe to or stop by & I appreciate each of my followers & random visitors.  Thank you for deciding to follow me on this journey! J

Thanks for stopping by & happy blogging! :)

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