Thursday, March 7, 2013

Haul: Lime Crime


I've seen Lime Crime all over the beauty blogging interface for the past year that I've been blogging & have wanted to try them out so badly.  But then all that hoopla with Doe Deere being stank with customers & bloggers happened & I was really turned off.  I did start to follower her & the company though on Facebook, twitter & other social media outlets & read reviews about them often & it looks like things have turned around with Lime Crime & their leading lady.  The first product I ever tried from them was their Velvetine matte lip gloss in Red Velvet.  This product is more than a lip stain & it is AMAZING.  I try to force it on all of my clients lol.  Onto the haul!
Photo taken from LC's Facebook page

Isn't the packaging so freaking cute!?

So what exactly did I get?

(left to right) Coquette, D'lilac & Geranium

Aries Zodiac Glitter

I've read nothing but fantastic things about LC's opaque lipsticks so I just had to get coquette, D'lilac & geranium.  I purposely waited to place my order until they released Geranium because it's supposed to be this wicked neon pink.  And of course I had to get their zodiac glitter in Aries, because I LOVE glitter & I'm an Aries<3

This lippie is super opaques & is very similar to MAC's Myth with a tiny bit of a smoother, more hydrating texture.

I purchased this shade because I had nothing like it yet in my collection & I also wanted to swatch it against MAC's Viva Glam Nicki II which I haven't gotten around to buying just yet so that will be coming in the future.

As much as I love this shade & as gorgeous as it is I was a bit disappointed.  LC raved about how it's this sick neon pink. brightest pink etc. & it really isn't  

I decided to swatch it against some of my brightest lippies & clearly MAC's Candy Yum Yum & OCC's Anime Lip Tar take the cake on the brightness & neon-ness front.  What I do think is pretty awesome about it is that it is an almost perfect dupe for Viva Glam Nick I, so when MAC does discontinue it you'll have something pretty damn close to fall back on.

I don't have a glitter in my collection like this at all it's such a pretty coral with gold & green iridescent flecks.  So, so pretty!

I'm pretty impressed with LC's quality so I'll definitely be buying from them again & I've already done some looks using these products so if you follow me on Instagram (@LexiFresh) you've already seen them, if not stay tuned!

Have you guys tried Lime Crime makeup yet?  What do you think?

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  1. I am dying to get red velvet. It looks soooooo gorgeous there. Thanks for the swatch comparison. I'm loving all those bright colors.