Monday, March 4, 2013

Blue Sheen

Happy Monday everyone!

Who likes Mondays?  No one & today was horrible so I figured I'd relax & catch up with some overdue posts.  

A while back I purchased MAC's blue sheen from my local outlet.  I LOVE shopping for makeup at outlets 'cause they always have limited edition shades, it's so awesome!  

Modern Pewter (L) Blue Sheen (R)

I was so friggin eager to play with these shadows when I them up that I slapped this mess together

Yuck, yuck!  I put absolutely NO thought into this look but here are the products I used anyway lol

MAC: Blue sheen, Modern pewter, Nocturnelle, Naked pigment & 45 lashes
ELF: Cream liner

And since I hated that look so much, the following day I put this look together:

Which was much better, but I have such a hard time getting blue to work for me.  If you want to know what products I used for this look, just check out my bridal look here.  

I'm definitely going to keep playing with this shadow until I get it right, blue is just one of those really hard to work with colors.  I did post a night out look for Aqueela's 20th makeup tag using blue sheen & I think it came out pretty well.  Check that out here.


  1. Oh wow!! This look is absolutely amazing! The blue really makes your beautiful eyes pop!