Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MUG Weekly Challenge Batman Inspired: Harley Quinn

I'm sorry in advance!!! I was really excited about this challenge so I typed A LOT & included a LOT of pictures. I hope you enjoy :)

This weeks challenge from MakeupGeek is to create a look inspired by any character from the Batman series.  I've never read the comics or anything, but I've seen most of the movies & I used to watch the cartoon series on WB way back in the day.  I chose Harley Quinn because her character was pretty bad ass in the new Batman games& it rekindled my love for her sick & twitsted ways.  
She was only Joker's crazy girlfriend/sidekick/punching bag & not really a crucial character so I wasn't surprised she wasn't included in the recent films.
This is the face chart I designed for Harley had she been in the Dark Knight.  Normally she's portrayed as really attractive, innocent, but keeping in mind how the Joker was portrayed in the film-and how nuts-O she is-I decided to make her look crazed like he was.

 And this was the actual look:
I'm upset I forgot the three diamonds on the cheek that are supposed to represent those on her outfit in the cartoons -___-

 It's not a perfect replica, but I was pretty pleased. In the film, the Joker's makeup was always a mess & I wanted to bring that same distressed look to my Harley

White Cream Clown paint from Walmart
Bobbi Brown: Gray & Rich Brown
Sugarpill: Love+

NYX JEP: Black Bean
Bobbi Brown: Charcoal
Wolfe Cosmetics: Hydrocolor 6 Essentials Color Palette (blue)
Sugarpill: Love+
Maybelline: One-By-One Mascara
Ardell: Double-up lashes #201

Urban Decay: 24/7 pencil liner in Zero 
NYX JEP: Black Bean
Kat Von D: Underage Red

And here are a bunch more unnecessary pictures:
 Because my sister & I thought it would be awesome to go to the Taco Bell drive through with me looking like this & then proceed to drive around our town doing 20mph and staring at people.  Can you tell we have no lives?

 I haven't a clue why I got all morbid with my neck, but I loved it!
  Poor, sad Harley

 I hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as I did.  This has to be the most fun I've had creating a look in a while.  Who is your favorite Batman character? Share links below if you guys have done any Batman inspired looks!