Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Official, Haley Williams X MAC

All I can keep saying is "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

I had read a few weeks ago; maybe even a month ago, that Haley Williams, leading lady of Paramore in case you didn't know, was collaborating with MAC on her own line of products. Then I read devastating news last week VIA Spectra that the line was pulled.  BUT THEN Haley Tweeted this little gem earlier!


The vibrant vixen's line will be a collection of four products; a lipstick, eye shadow, mineral skin finish & nail lacquer.  And as expected the line will be in hues of her signature color, orange.
   Photo Credit: People Magazine

The only collection I'm more excited about is Rihanna's releasing some time in May.  Haley's line is set to release ONLINE ONLY April 9th; which also happens to be the release date of Paramore's LP, so save the date!  What will you guys be picking of from this line.


  1. Yay can't wait for this collection.

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  3. the msf looks kinda cool! i DO love the nail polish though!