Thursday, February 6, 2014

Smokin' Rose

So at our counter meeting we got a quick rundown of what is being done BTS at fashion week.  One of the tips I picked up was using loose pigments on other areas of the face besides the eyes.  I have used pigments on my lips and cheek bones, but I never thought about mixing them with my foundation.  I am LIVING for this new technique!  Check out how much more radiant my skin looks as opposed to when I use golden elixer.

UD: Primer Potion
MAC: Melon Pigment, NC30 Mineralize liquid, Med Plus MSF, Double Definition, & Simmer & Legendary Blushes

Elf: cream liner
MAC Kitchmas & Rose Pigments, Zoom Lash, 35 lashes
Urban Decay: Ocho Loco 2 (Deep End) Naked Basics

MAC: P+P Primer, Shockvalue Pro Longwear Liner, Viva Glam 5, Jet Boy Gloss

When using pigments with your foundation, use something that is going to look natural.  MAC's Vanilla, Melon & Rose are great for fair, olive & deep skin tones.   How do you guys like the look of pigments in foundation?  Have you tried this before? 


  1. Love this kitchmas is such a gorgeous pigment :-)

  2. i love the color combination in this!! :)