Monday, May 14, 2012

80s Party & A Bonus look

This weekend was kickass!  I was invited to an 80s themed party & I was super excited to have another go at this theme, because the last time I was less than impressed with my ensemble & makeup!  Here, have a gander:

That's me & my guy last year at an 80s themed party.  Yikes!  But I guess we live & we learn, huh?  So instead of going for Flashdance this time, I wanted to go for more of a Madonna-Cindy Lauper hybrid  & this was the final masterpiece:

I really don't know how to pose for the camera lol 

My multi-colour hair lol

I have to say I was pretty pleased with the way it came out.  My step-mom was super excited so she teased the hell out of my hair and did some funky thing with my bangs.  It looked pretty 80s-ish.

This is a friend of my friends.  This is one of my fave pics of the night, I thought we looked pretty badass lol.


Wierd Face. hahah!

I used BH Cosmetics 120 palette for the pink and put Victorian Disco Cosmetics glitter in Noob & the purple from Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland palette for the wind on top.  I finished up with some of MAC’s blacktrack, KISS’ lashes number 05, UD’s 24/7 Glide on pencil in Flipside on my lower lash line & some rhinestones.

I took these close-ups before I put the rhinestones on which such, ‘cause I really think they pulled the look together.

And this is just a bonus look I wore to work today.  Still experimenting with a cut creast.

I ALWAYS make a mess with the liner & mascara!!!! >:-O

I used Sephora’s Flashy Liner in Flashy Violet 13 to outline where I wanted my cut crease to start, then I packed MAC’s Orb all over the lid, darkened my outline with MAC’s Carbon and blended up.  I used MAC’s Nocturnelle to blend the Carbon up toward the highlight.  I used Virgin from the naked 2 palette as a highlight.  I also used Carbon on the loser lashline and blended it out with Nocturnelle, and blacktrack for my winged liner.  I used KISS’ lashes number 04.

I’ve been really excited to have so much free time now that I’ve finished school & I’m feeling really creative so I’m hoping for fun stuff to come!  Hope you guys liked this post, as always I’m open to constructive criticism!

PS: I entered my 80s Inspired look for themakeupbees contest this month so please, please PLEASE click HERE and go vote for me by clicking the MAKEUPBEE "like" button!


  1. your 80 looks is fierce!! Loooooooove the purple and pink!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! :D :D I tried super hard lol

    1. you can really tell! There's so many different parts to it! :-)) Cherry Lane xoxo

  3. your makeup is fierce girl !!!!

  4. How fun- love the makeup! New follower- can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  5. Thanks ladies! @Ashley, Welcome! Hope you like what you see & I'm always open to ideas or suggestions :)

  6. omg! such beautiful make up work- love it!

  7. hey I just found you through blog hop, I am really loving all your eye looks you are very talented :)

    Im a new follower,

    1. Thanks Diana & welcome! Going to check out your blog too :)