Friday, May 11, 2012

Life updates & some new looks

Hello Again!
So, I finished my last final of the semester & I’m all ready to graduate next Friday! Yippie!!!!!!!  I still have to take one stinkin’  summer class as a requirement, but who cares?  I’ll have my degree & I couldn’t be happier!

‘Nough of that, let’s get to the good stuff!  Since I’ve been studying like a mad woman I haven’t done too much, but I have three looks I was relatively pleased with this week.

First Up:

& one with my hair out the way

I wanted to use MAC’s Lady Danger because I haven’t used lipstick in a while.  I used MAC’s Magenta lip pencil underneath to tone it down a bit.  The name escapes be now, but I’ll edit this post later when I remember.  I really liked the way it came out, but my new haircut is throwing me off.  I feel so weird wearing so much makeup with these bangs! Lol.  OK

Next: Hairy brows YIKES!

Another boring ol’ neutral look.  I’ve been trying to experiment with my cut crease and I just didn’t blend that harsh black line from the eyeliner I used to outline it enough.  But what can I say, you live & you learn!

Lastly: I Finally got my brows done!

Still experimenting with my cut crease, I wanted to use the shadows I bought from Victorian Disco Cosmetics.  I don’t really use them during the week because they are so soft & I often end up with a LOT of fallout, but I absolutely LOVE her shadows & the glitters are OMgahhh!  I sent a jpeg of this look to Nikki from MakeupJunkieNikki & she was sweet enough to post it to her Makeup Junkie’s section!!  So definetly check out her blog, maybe she’ll post one of your looks.

If you like this look make sure you go to MakeupGeek & TheMakeupBee and Love it!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now but hopefully I’ll have my crafty juices flowin & can come up with some better looks.  I’m also dead set on gifting myself Sugarpill’’s palettes as a graduation gift to myself—including the newest edition that’s coming out on my graduation day!  Can’t wait!  I hope they don’t sell out before I have the chance to order ;-(
Tell  next time<3

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  1. ohhh goodness!! my b-day is coming up and i gotta practice me some of these!!!!

  2. Glad you like them Yuli!! Be sure to let me know which one you try, I'd love to see!! :)