Saturday, May 5, 2012

Worst Blogger in the World!

So obviously if there was a worst blogger competition I'd be one of the forerunners!  I've had a lot going on this week with my boyfriend returning from Afghanistan, the last weeks of school & finals coming up next week so I  haven't had time to dedicate to my blog, but I did manage to take photos of some looks that I wore this month to hold you off until I finish my finals & finally have time to breath!!  Well, here ya go:

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

 Look 5

I don't really remember what I used for some of these, but if anyone wants a pic tutorial of any of these looks just let me know below in the comments.  Thanks to everyone who reads & welcome new followers!  


  1. Really beautiful looks! You should put some on my blog and I can add your link to it!!! Email me and let me know;)

  2. Thanks so much Nikki, I really appreciate it!! Once finals & graduation are over I definitely will! Lovin' that you're sharing other makeup lovers' looks, that's really awesome!<3