Monday, April 2, 2012

New stuff, new edition to the Hunger Games series, & random looks

Since my birthday was Saturday I slacked this week with my post.  As a gift to myself, I purchased some loose pigments & glitters from Victorian DiscoCosmetics.  Kassie from UniqueDesire has used products from this line quite a few times & she’s raved about them, so I thought I’d give them a try.  I LOVED the variety of colors, but finally decided on 10 to try out (you can save a lot if you buy in bulk).  I tried to get a few from each line but I just loved the Sailor Moon & Star Wars lines.  These are the shades I purchased: Boomer Bile, Lightsaber, Skywalker, Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto, Noob Tube, Scar-H, Godric, & Rowena.  My package also included two sample baggies from the Star Wars Collection; one was emperor (A charcoal color with purple shimmer) & Do The Jabba Jabba (brick color with iridescent shimmer).  Ashley the owner is revamping the Star Wars line soon because some of the shades are too similar to past ones, so click on the link I added above to buy the current collection.  PHEW! That was text heavy!  Now on to some looks shall we?

Continuing with my Hunger Games series, I created this look inspired by District 4 (Fishing) for Makeup Geek’s weekly challenge.

For this I used Victorian Disco’s Sailor Pluto, Skywalker, Lightsaber & Rowena.  I also used Baked from Urban Decay’s BoS IV to line my upper lid as well as one of their 24/7 pencil liners in a teal-ish blue for my waterline.  I dabbed some of MAC’s Rebel on my lips for some light color. 

This next look I came up with is actually a recreation of what I wore out for my birthday this weekend.  I hate how my looks never come out the same the second time around! 

I used Grafitti from UD’s Book of Shadows & various greens & blues from my BH Cosmetics 120 palette.  On my lips I used MAC’s lip pencil in Fuchsia & their lipstick in Rebel.

FINALLY, this last look was a product of experimentation with colors.  It was the first day of spring & I wanted to wear something fun. 

I used MAC’s Sweet & Punchy, & Firecracker.

I'm gonna try & come up with some fun, new things for my next post.  Leave a comment & let me know what you liked or didn't about this one!<3


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