Thursday, June 7, 2012

LOTH & How to Store Your Makeup

Just a warning, this post will be really picture heavy. 

First, this is the look I wore today.  It looks really crappy 'cause I waited until I got home from work to take these pictures, so if you want to see when it looked fresh check out my instagram @LexiFresh.


Orb (from lashes to brow)
Kid & Cork (In crease & blended up)
Rich Brown (In crease & lower lash line)
Liquid Liner (Upper & Lower Lash line)
White Pencil (It's nonexistent in this picture, but it was on the waterline)
Lashes #05

without gloss

 with gloss

I used lip liner for this look & it really dried out my lips by the time I got home, so I tried to salvage the look with gloss and another layer of the liner.  
C16 fuchsia 
lip gloss #41 (shear pink)

I hope you guys liked that look.  Like I said, I know it is a little worn out in these photos, but definitely stop by my instagram to look at it when it was first done.

Next order of business! I'm going to show you guys how I store my makeup.  It's not my ideal way of doing it, but it's the only way until I move out of my parent's house lol.

I have a plastic tower with 6 drawers that are "organized" by categories

as you can see, this was before I actually organized it.

This is after I threw away old, OLD makeup, & reorganized.

The first drawer is "eyes"

From left to right
TOP: Loose shadows & pigments, eyeliners, brow pencils, primers
BOTTOM: Pressed shadows, bases & cream shadows

The second is "Lips"

Here i have all my liners and glosses in the purple caddy & my lipsticks in an or neutragena box (recycling at it's best!)

and a quick break to marvel at the worlds tiniest eyeliner! hehe
This WAS UD's 24/7 Glide on pencil in Zero

OK, so Third is "Face"

I have all my foundations, concealers, contouring kits, blushes, highlights, primers & finishing spray.  I also have a bag of random lotions I haven't yet found a home for =X

Fourth is "Tools"

Obviously, all the things I use to apply makeup; brushes, sponges, lash curlers, sharpeners etc.

Fifth "Lashes"

Sadly, this category is lacking, but not for long!  I've been researching retailers on amazon that sell a TON for crazy low price, I just don't know how I trust them or the products.  If I do end up getting them though, I'll do a review.

Last, but not least, "Palettes"

Thery're all different sizes & shapes so I was lucky to be able to fit all of them in here.  

While I was cleaning my drawers & reorganizing, I emptied 2 of my MAC pigments into these containers with sifters.  The containers aren't pictured, but I got them from Sephora for a dollar on clearance & they're pretty big.  I fit all the product in there & still had plenty of space left over.  They still have them on the website here, but for $3.  Rip off!

MAC has a BACK TO MAC where they will allow you to trade 6 empty MAC containers for a lipstick.  I've mentioned this in my District 1 Inspired Look
If you go to the MAC store in person (or a MAC counter in a department store) they will allow you to exchange it for a lipstick, lipglass OR shadow.  When I did this last time I ended up getting their lipstick in Rebel, which I LOVE!

I hope you guys found this post helpful, I'm gonna go & start working on another post for the look I came upwith for MUG weekly challenge--which I probably should have posted first, but whatever! lol

How do you store your makeup?
If you were to return MAC containers, what would you get & in what shade?


  1. I loved the post! The lips you have going on are AMAZING!!! Very ombre like! I like your storage for your makeup too!


  2. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! Looks good with or without gloss!

    Visit my blog if you have time! ;)


  3. Thanks ladies! That is my go to look for my lips, I absolutely LOVE those two liners together. MUFE's C16 is also AMAZINGGGG with MAC's cherry lip pencil. & Welcome Ochi!! :)