Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When I first became hopelessly addicted to makeup & the art I could create with it, I joined  At the time it was really just to admire others' looks, I didn't start posting my own looks up there until almost a year ago.  Since I started posting my looks up there, I've gotten great responses & some tips & trick for improving my skills from other member.  

If it weren't for this site I definitely wouldn't have had the confidence to start a blog or show off more of my looks.  Everyone is super nice there.  I also wouldn't have come across Tanja of RoseShock & Durga Usagi of Under Blue Lights, two girls I can say have really inspired me to push my skills to the limit & create some bizarre & fun looks.

So if you're looking for a cosmetic community to be a part of, MakeupBee is definitely it.  Some of the looks these people create are absolutely out of this freaking world & you have the opportunity to meet some amazing people & marvel at some amazing styles.  

So click here to join the site & when you stop by be sure to check out my profile here! :)

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