Sunday, October 21, 2012

Black Dahlia

Hey everyone!

I'm back again with another Halloween look.  I've been watching to do something different, especially from what everyone else is doing.  It seems that everyone is whippin' up sugar skulls & Poison Ivies left & right & it's hard to be original when you're bombarded with all these things.  I've also been wanting to practice SFX makeup so I just thought the Black Dahlia would be something original.

I kept the eyes simple because Elizabeth Short--dubbed the Black Dahlia after her gruesome murder-- was from the 40s & they didn't wear too much eye makeup then.  
Urban Decay: Primer Potion, Naked 2 (Booty call & Verve) & Big Fatty Mascara
MAC: Kid & carbon
WOLFEFX: 6 Piece hydrocolor set (black)
NYX: Black bean
KISS: 04 Lashes
BH Cosmetics: Contour kit
MAC: to the beach highlighter
Revlon: Colorstay in Caramel

Liquid Latex & Toilet paper (really, really cheap TP)
MAC: Magenta lip pencil  & carbon e/s
Kat von D: Homegirl
Urban Decay: Zero eye liner
Victorian Disco Cosmetics: Skywalker
Sugarpill: Burning hearts palette & Afterparty
Bobbi Brown: Rich brown
Karo corn syrup & food coloring
**warning, the food coloring stains like a motha!**

Welp, that's it for this look!  Hopefully I can pump out a few more before Halloween.  Maybe I'll even have decided what I'm dressing up as this year. Till next time my loves xo


  1. this is crazy hot!!! I can't wait to do Halloween makeup :)))

    1. Thanks love, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Is it strange to say you look hot?! Great Job!!! Xoxo