Friday, October 12, 2012

Wearable Color for the Workplace

If you're like me, then you LOVE colorful shadows.  Also if your're like me you work in an office or some other place of business where you can't really express yourself the way you'd like with your makeup.  Fortunately my job isn't too strict & I do get away with a lot of looks that other places wouldn't allow, but I wanted to show you all two great ways to add color to your eyes without over doing it.
This look is so easy for the working woman to slap together in 5 minutes & still look fab & colorful.  You can even swap out the blue for another color (pink maybe) or a shimmer gold or iridescent white.  


Urban Decay: Primer Potion & Big Fatty Mascara & Naked Palette (Verve)
Sugarpill: Afterparty & Tako
MAC: Kid & Cork
NYC: Liquid Liner

This isn't a full face post, but with this look I wore my FAVE lip gloss NYX's megashine gloss in Pink Rose.  It is a very pigmented gloss, so I applied some & then patted my lips with a tissue to get rid of the excess for the perfect touch to this look.  Hope you guys found this helpful.  What are some ways you add color to your work looks?


  1. Gorgeous look i love the touch of blue in the inner corner

  2. this is so cute!! it's like you dipped your inner corner in blue paint!! so creative :))