Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm LIT like a christmas tree!

Welcome back my pretties, 

This post has nothing to do with Christmas & EVERYTHING to do with LIT cosmetics.
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I've had my eye on LIT for quite some time & I've heard nothing but amazing things about the company & their products.  LIT is solely dedicated to making glitter & I have to say their glitter is among the best I've ever used.  They provide varying sizes depending on how chunky you want your glitter to be; their S2 being their most popular cut.

When I saw that Beautylish had added LIT to their boutique I was really excited.  Beautylish always has some really enticing "sale" or exclusive that draws me in.  This time they had the sale advertised in the photo above & also had an glitter exclusive to beautylish shoppers, boogie nights.  I snatched up Oprah, Madonna & Boogie nights & got the LIT Kit with it.  Here are some looks I've done using these glitters.

I wore this look for my co. holiday party

Don't mind the fuzzy brows lol

If you want to know more about the products used in any of these looks let me know below in the comments & I'll make a separate post :)

These glitters are SO MUCH FUN & the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is PHENOMENAL!  I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more from this company in the future.  Who doesn't love glitter!?


  1. I so wish I could get these but they dont ship to the uk :( I wish I had fam or friends in the USA :,(

    1. :( Did you try ordering some from the beautylish boutique? I feel like they should ship anywhere.

  2. Which blue/turquoise glitter color did you use on the lid? It looks really pretty, I'd like to know the name