Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bye-bye Google Reader!

If you guys have been up on Google at all lately you'll know that they are doing away with Google Reader.  I was SUPER upset when I read the new 'cause that's where ALL my subscriptions are run through.  I tried to read up on why they are making the change but it was all a bunch of gibberish to me.  Basically it wasn't generating enough revenue for the company, so they are getting rid of it to do other things.  I'm sure they'll keep us posted with their "new things" as they always do.

But don't you fret my lovely followers, there is a solution to all your subscription problems.  Blog Lovin' has made it super easy for us soon to be former G Reader users to copy our entire list of subscriptions into their database instead.  Here's how:

First: Open your settings page from the upper right hand drop down menu & click on "import blogs"

Next: Click on "Google Reader"

Lastly: Click "Import from Google Reader"

Click allow access on the following page & you're good to go!  Depending on how many blogs you follow this could take a while to complete.

Now that you know what to do, make sure you jump on over to Blog Lovin' & start following all your favorite blogs.  Including Smokin' Colour.  duh.

Click here to follow Smokin' Colour on Blog Lovin'

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