Thursday, April 11, 2013


Happy Friday everyone!

Last weekend I attended the IMATS in NYC & it was one of the best experiences ever.  

I met a couple of girls I chat with regularly:
 rMe with Suma of The Fashion Beauty Junkie

Me with Niki of Hello Miss Niki

And I also met some of my hugest inspirations: Queen of Blendin, Koren Zander & Durga Usagi.  I LOVEEEEE Durga's work!  She's so effing creative & unique & amazing & I thin her style is so bad ass.  If you wanna see more photos from my adventure pop on over to my Facebook page.

Now onto the hual!

Lit kti
Lit had these babies for a killer price & I LOVE glitter, so naturally I couldn't resist!  I'll have a separate post with swatches & all the contents of my kit.

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner
I've been meaning to order this for some time.  It'll definitely come in handy when working on multiple faces back to back & I don't have time to thoroughly clean my brushes.

Graftobian HD Color Palette
I've been meaning to get one of these foundation palettes for a while too.  I love the thick consistency, perfect for photo shoots & a little goes a long way.  Can't wait to use this baby.

Red Cherry Lashes
I HAD to stop at LadyMoss' booth.  Duh, you can never have too many lashes!

OCC Loose Color Concentrate & Lip Tars
Innitially I had only picked up the lip tars, but after sitting for OCC's Pro Artist Courtny Tichman's demo & I HAD to pick up the LCC.  I'll also have a separate post with swatches & such.

And last, but not least!

Zuca Flyer Artist
I've been eyeing the Zuca Pro for over a year now, but seeing it side-by-side with the flyer I thought this would be a better fit for me.  I'll have another post with more photos of the inside & stuff later on this week.

I'm so happy I had the opportunity to finally attend IMATS.  It really was such an awesome to experience how the art of makeup can bring so many different people together to learn & share with one another.  I'm really looking forward to next year, but in the meantime I'm trying to get my butt to the Makeup Show next month!  Gotta save up again lol.

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  1. So jealous of all my fellow bbloggers that got to meet up! Grrrr.... One day! Great haul girl! XxOo