Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect...almost

Since I've been too lazy to actually apply makeup, I've been practicing a lot on face charts.

These are my latest charts in the order they were done so you can get an idea of the progress I've made.  Some of the photos were taken with my droid, so the quality isn't as great, sorry for that.

My first male face chart
This was actually inspired by a look I did for a client.  She was going to a Gatsby themed party.
I know this isn't my original creation, but my fiance challenged me to do this one.  Not yet finished though.

I hope you guys liked these charts & if you've been discouraged from doing them, don't give up, just keep practicing!  I've gotten so many tips from artists on instagram like @Kilprity (Face chart KING in my opinion) @Moisesartnyc @ger_ber & @sstrazzere.  They're my faves<3

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