Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas, Christmas time is here

So, I’ve been in the holiday spirit lately since Christmas is just a week away and especially since I received my Medusa’s Makeup loose glitter in the mail.  I ordered them in Flash Dance and Antoinette which are the perfect shade of green and red for the holidays.  I failed to purchase Medusa’s THE FIX, so I had to use lash glue in to get the glitter to stick; luckily I had glue that dried clear and it worked perfectly!  I’m in love with these two products and I’m in the process of ordering more things from their website including THE FIX, and their EYE LINER SEAL which—when mixed with their glitter or eye dust—makes amazing eyeliners!  Click here if you want to check out their website.

Here are some pictures of the second look I created using Medusa’s loose glitter.  And vote for BOTH my looks at HERE and HERE!!

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