Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kiwiberry Review: Part 1

Welcome to Smokin' Colour's first ever product review!  I'm super excited about this because it's my first time trying contacts so if you haven't already used Kiwiberry lenses we're going through this together!  

As I was typing up this review I realized it was going to be painfully long so I decided to make it into at least 2 separate posts.
Snapshot courtesy of website

I first noticed their lenses in a look by Beauty Makeup Addict & I loved them.  So I'd been window shopping (is it still considered "window shopping" VIA internet?? lol) Kiwiberry's site for a few months now looking up products I might like & checking out reviews for them.  In the end there were just too, TOO many options to choose from, so I opted for their surprise lens pack.

Snapshot courtesy of website
As you can see there are two drop down screens when you choose this option
Snapshot courtesy of website
The top one allows you to choose the size of the lenses you would like to receive
Snapshot courtesy of website

And the second allows you to choose how many pairs you'd like to order.

When I did this I selected "No preference" for the size & ordered 3 pairs.  I thought there was also a section where you choose your prescription, but I don't see it here.  I ordered all of mine with a 0 prescription since I don't need them to see better.  It is a little bit of a cheaper option, only down side is if you have ordered from them before, you run the risk of repeats.

When I got the package in the mail it contained six glass bottles, each of which held one lens; three containers to store them in; & directions for applying and removing (which was my savior because I've never worn lenses before)

I put the bottles in the order that they will be reviewed (L-R: Violet, Grey, Green)

Are we all ready for the review now, 'cause I am!  I based my review on 2 criteria; Comfort & pigmentation because I was really looking for lenses that would pop, but at the same time be comfortable.

I tested the Violet lenses first:

 As you can see, the prescription is 0

You can really see how pigmented they are in this picture

and this is how they looked on
Color: Violet
Size: 14.8mm
Base Curve(Not sure what this means, probably have to do more with the curve of your natural eye): 8.8mm
Water: 38%
Expiration: 12/08/2012

As you can see in the above photo. the lens doesn't cover the entire iris, but that is due to the large size of them (my fault for not specifying a size).  I'm thinking I'm about a 12-12.5 but I'll have to wait 'til next time to see.

I wore these for 8-9 hours before I took them off and I didn't even remember I had them in.  They didn't even dry up really until the 9th hour when it was time for bed lol.
I loved how pigmented these were. This is obviously not something nature & I won't be wearing them everyday, but I did where them to go out the other night & they were pretty neat.
Will I buy this product again:
Yes, unfortunately though, this style only comes in one size so I wouldn't be able to get them smaller if I wanted. 

Like I mentioned earlier I did wear these out the other night, so I will have a post with that look & you can see just how dramatic these lenses are.

Hope you guys liked this post, if there is anything else you'd like to know about the lenses themselves please leave a comment below & I'll try and include it in the next post for the other two pairs.


  1. OMG!!! I need to check this site out!! I have been wanting to try contacts!! How much did they cost?

    1. I don't remember exactly how much I paid 'cause there was a sale going on plus the variety pack itself is a bit cheaper, but they start at $38 & they always have some kind of promo code, and first time buyers get 15% off. I would check them out, they're super fun.