Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blue & Copper using MAC Pigments

I have FINALLY caught up with all my old looks & we're on to newer & better things!  I got anxiety every time I opened my folder & saw those looks there that still had not been published, but they have been & its over! Are you excited, cause I am!!  

OK granted, this look is from last month, but it isn't from April or may lol.  I've used MAC pigments before & I really like them, but to use loose shadows on a day-to-day is really annoying for me.  I don't have much time to get ready in the morning & I still make a mess with them.  So, since I've had my teal pigment for a while now, I wanted to created a look using mostly MAC pigments.  

**I'm sorry this isn't a full-face look & I'm even more sorry for my fuzzy brows lol**

Urban Decay: Primer Potion
Sugarpill: Taco
MAC: Teal & Copper Pigment
NYC: Liquid Liner
Maybelline: One-by-one mascara
Bobbi Brown: Aquamarine pigment as tear duct highlight & Charcoal in crease & lower lash line

The teal pigment was limited edition from a holiday set 2 years ago I believe, but the copper you can still get.  I actually didn't buy it (no I didn't steal it -___-) I went and asked the girl at MAC for a sample & she really hooked me up.  She gave me quite a bit & if any of you own MAC pigments, you know that a little goes a long way.

Here are a few more shots of this look:

Hope you guys liked this look!


  1. This is a lovely look! Your eyebrows doesn't look bad at all ;)
    Love the turquoise/copper combo!

    1. Haha! Thanks hun! I hate taking pics of my makeup when I have one hair too long! lol