Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Straight Brows & Mossy Eyes

I've been wanting to try straight brows for a while now, so I finally took the plunge the last month & chopped off half of my brows. I didn't quite figure out how to fill them in so I hated them.  You can see how ridiculous they are below.

LOL I can't even, they were horrible!  Not only did I not extend the tail enough, when I did extend the tail you could see a dramatic difference between my natural brow & when it was painted in.  Ew.  Moving on, ignore the stubby brows!

MAC: Blitz & Glitz (liner & primer), Humid, Vanilla Diamond, Nocturnelle, Brown Script, All that Glitters, #36 Lash, 3D black lash,

CoverFX: Primer
MAC: F&B C4, Med. Dark BB cream, Golden Elixer, Double Definition (contour), Simmer
Urban Decay: Naked Illuminated (highlight)

MAC: P+P Primer, Trust in Red, Riri Woo, Viva Glam 1 Gloss

How do you guys feel about the straight brow?

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