Thursday, March 22, 2012

Starting spring off with a burst of color

Alrighty, well I didn’t do as much as I wanted to this week—classes have been killer & I have 3 midterms before spring break next week!  Anyhow, this week I tried to be a little bolder since I’ve been doing more neutral looks with the naked palettes & I was able to scrape together these two looks.

This first one is this black & blue cut crease.  Even though I wasn’t too crazy about how it turned out I wore it to work & got high praise from my coworkers so I suppose that’s a start lol.  I used The BH Cosmetics 120 palette & I have to say, I’ve seen what some girls do with the 120 palette & I wonder how they do it!  I’m not loving the palette, although the colors are super pigmented.  I find that that they crumble when I dab my brush in them & there is tremendous amounts of fall out.  It’s just not working for me.  But forgive my rant, this is not a review lol.

Paired this with a nude, glossy lip 'cause I didn't want to look crazy lol.

I called this next look Spring Time Geisha.  This was just something I slapped together because I felt like experimenting with wolfe hydrocolors again.  I used the 120 palette for this look as well.

Still trying to improve my application with wolfe, so as always, I am open to suggestions! 

Finally, as many of you guys know—or should know!!—hunger games premiers at 12AM and I am a huge, HUGE fan.  

Unfortunately for me, I won’t be seeing the movie until next month because I promised my boyfriend I’d wait until he returned home from his deployment to see it with him. BUT I am going to start putting together a series based on the different districts in the Panem so make sure you look out for that.  I should be posting a few of the looks this weekend.  

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