Sunday, September 2, 2012

Durga Usagi Inspired Look

Durga Usagi is an absolutely phenomenal artist  & her work is badass!  I first saw her work on Makeupbee's site when I signed up a loOong time ago.  She's an avant garde MUA whose pieces are out of this world.  If you've been living under a rock, check out her site here! 
I've been watching her videos for so long & have wanted to do one for quite some time, but have always been intimidated.  But today is the day.  
And here's my look:

It's obviously nowhere NEAR as good as her work, or some of her other fan makeup, but I am pretty proud.

White Cream Clown makeup
Wolfe Hydrocolor: White, Black & Red
BHCosmetics: 6 piece contour kit
Bobbi Brown: Charcoal
Sugarpill: Love+, Dollipop & Tako

Sugarpill: Love+ & Dollipop
Victorian Disco Cosmetics: Noob Tube
NYX JEP: Black Bean
Bobbi Brown: Charcoal
Wolfe Hydrocolour: White & Black
Kiwiberry 1 lenses: Purple & Green
Ardell: Double Up lashes
Walmart Halloween lashes

I totally forgot to snap a pic of just my lips, so this is the best I can do :(
MAC: Cherry
MUFE: Fuscia 
Kat Von D: Underage Red
Medua's Makeup Glitter: Antoinette
Victorian disco Cosmetics: Noob Tube
Wolfe Hydrocolor: Black & Red
I really enjoyed doing this look, maybe I'll try another one with a similar style & make it my own.  Hope you guys liked it, I know it's really out there from what I normally do.
This is the video my look is based on:

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