Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Skin Care

If you follow me, then you know I am OBSESSED with makeup.  But just like every addiction, cosmetics come with some drawbacks & your skin bears the brunt of it.  The only thing we can do to combat the blemishes & breakouts that come with this addiction, is to be as obsessed with how we care for our skin.  I've got my skincare process down to a science & I'm going to share my regime with you today.
**All photos were taken from Walmart's  Website**
I like to start my day by putting my best face forward.  To do this I just go through two simple steps; I wash, then moisturize (after this, of course, comes the makeup).

I wash my face using Clean & Clear's Morning burst.  It has a fresh almost, citrusy sent to it & includes small beads for exfoliating the skin.  It also has Vitamin C which is good for combating wrinkling & Ginseng which is good for balancing oils in the skin.
Then I moisturize with about a dime-side amount of Pond's Dry Skin Cream.  I have to tell you, I SWEAR by this stuff.  My skin used to be soOo dry & ever since I've starting using this religously (about 2 years) My skin is  rarely dry.  I love it.

My evening routine has to take the longest, because I have to remove all the makeup from that day.

I start my process by using one of three makeup removers.  I'll list them from best to worst (In my opinion)
Neutrogena make-up remover wipes.  These are FABULOUS! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these.  I gave a short review of them on beautylish if you want to check it out.

I really love this product too.  It's a two-in-one cleanser/makeup remover & it's really gentle on the skin.  My face feels really soft after using it.

My least favorite of the three has to be the Pond's Makeup remover.  I'm not crazy about this at all, I actually bought it thinking it was just a cooling moisturizer & left it on my skin.  For a week I was wondering why I was breaking out until I read the container.  Words of wisdom, read the packaging first!  What a rookie mistake.  I don't like it though as a MU remover, because it's really heave, REALLY oily & leaves me with cloudy vision after.  No one likes that.

After cleansing, then I exfoliate.
I use equate's blackhead clearing scrub in order to get rid of blackheads on and around my nose area & just to exfoliate my skin in general.

Then I use a toner
again, this product is from equate.

After that I moisturize using the Pond's cream I described earlier

Lastly (This is only if I have a pimple) I use clean & clear's acne spot treatment.

I know that's a whole lot of steps, but do use a lot of makeup some times and want to make sure my skin doesn't get too bad.  What's your skin care routine & what products do you use?

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