Monday, September 10, 2012

Yung Rapunxel

 I am soOo excited to swatch and review MAC's newest lip shade Yung Rapunxel, their collaboration with Azealia Banks.  I've loved her ever since my friend showed me 212 on Youtube.  Her style is amazing & I love her IDGAF attitude.  & I'm really glad I ordered mine when I did because it looks like the website says it's out of stock.  

What MAC has to say:
"Lips meet Azealia Banks' high style in a high-comfort shine Lipstick in a deep, rich plum with an amplified finish."

What I have to say:
I really love the color, it is a true plum.  It is very opaque, but not entirely, & it has a smooth, buttery texture.  If you're like me & you LOVE high opacity lipsticks, you can build the color up a bit, but when I did my lips felt a bit too greasy which I'm not crazy about.  I applied it again using MAC Magenta lip pencil underneath & I liked the way it looked & it didn't leave my lips really slippery.  Yung Rapunxel is also really long-lasting, like almost all lipsticks it smudged when I rubbed my finger across my lips, but there was still a lot of color left.

      It was evening time, so the lighting wasn't the best but I'll update that photo when I have time.

On the left are swatches of (From top to bottom) Kat Von D's Homegirl, Yung Rapuxel & MAC's Rebel in natural light & on the right are the same swatches in artificial light. These are the only purple-y lipsticks I had to compare it to, but you can definitely see that YP is a true plum shade.  I'm gonna try & do an Ombre look with these babies & see how it comes out.

After two layers of Yung Rapunxel.  Don't mind my sloppy application I was super excited haha.
Using MAC's Magenta lip pencil.  It definitely intensified the opacity, but it did change the color a little too much for me, so I'll be shopping around for another lip liner to pair with it.

All-in-all I really liked the product.  It's nice & smooth & has a pretty nice opacity.  On the website it looked almost identical to rebel to me, but as you can see in the swatches, it's definitely different.  If they ever re-stock I would definitely buy a second one just for back-up. 

Have you guys gotten your Yung Rapunxel yet?  What do you think?


  1. Responding to comment on my blog:

    WHen you say you wanted to "pick one up", did you mean Nylon or just a different colour? They won't carry Nylon in stores.

    Also, just a tip. I'd change your post text because the cursive can be a little hard to read for some people. Change it to something more easy on the eyes so people will want to read. :)

    Besides that, that is a wonderful lip colour on you.

    1. Hmm, I read somewhere that Nylon was only being carried on OCC's website & Sephora stores/website; guess I misread it. I'll just have to order it online. Thank you & thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try to find something more legible. :)